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Diversity is a Fact

A friend who works in HR once told me that “Diversity is fact, but inclusion is a choice.” I didn’t realize how true her statement was until I recently saw the updated census report that stated that this country is more diverse than it’s ever been. I think Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and the Three Blind Mice saw that one coming. Diversity is a fact, the demographics are hard numbers. Still, despite our diversity the same blind group can also see that this country is more divided than its ever been. The amazing oddity is that every organization has a website professing their diversity status. Your employer or organization likely makes the same claim. Here’s a simple test to gauge their true belief in diversity - look for evidence of inclusion. If it’s true you have look hard to see proof: you’ll see it on the photographs in their lobbies, you see and hear it during employee meetings, and you’ll see it in the faces of decision makers. It’s true, diversity is fact but inclusion is by choice.

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