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Lesson from running

Last week while on break I got up each morning and went out on a 4 mike run on the least I thought it was 4 miles.

It actually was more like 5 miles. I hit the beach and focused on where my feet landed because the ocean had dumped sharp debris in my path and I didn't want to land on a big shell and twist my ankle, so I ran focused on my feet and not on my path. When I finally looked up I realized I not met my goal of 4 miles... I exceeded the goal. This is analogous to chasing life goals....don't stare at the distance but focus on getting past each step. We add psychological weights to our back if we stare to long at what's ahead and our body will tell us its too far and we should just quit. Don't do it. When the road seems far and you feel tired....look down and focus on making one step at a time and before you know it you will have not it met your goal.'ll exceed it. Be Strong. Eph 6:10

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