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You are already sufficient

Exodus 36:7 KJVS

For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much.

I can't count the number of occasions that I questioned my readiness to attempt or conquer a goal. Despite hours, days, and even months of preparation, I always felt that I needed more. More time to study, more money to retire, more practice before the big game, and so many other mores. Instead of believing in the abilities that God gave me at birth and the capabilities He added after, I gave in to the whispering lies of "you are never good enough" and "you need more than you have.

Here is the truth... the lie of you need more is based on the thinking that you are working alone with no help. You are not in this by yourself. God's hands are cupped under yours, lifting every weighted task. His intellect is firing every neuron in your brain, bringing forth solutions to every problem faced. Stop questioning the need for more and believe that the stuff that you have right now is sufficient for the task at a matter of fact, it is more than enough.

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