A Story to Tell Podcast Coming Soon

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

A Story to Tell Podcast is coming soon. A Story to Tell Podcast, “where everyone has a story to tell and no one can tell your story better than you.” Each podcast will be centered on first person told stories of inspiration to encourage and motivate you to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your life goals. A spoken word at the right time can be powerful and our goal will be to share words that lift up and not tear down. We’ll have guests from all walks of life from around the country and world and they’ll be here sharing their own personal stories of triumph. If you have a positive story of overcoming odds, contact us and you could find yourself as a guest telling your own story.

This is going to be a fun journey that we will take together. Look for our pod

cast "A Story to Tell" this summer wherever podcasts are available online. We are sponsored by Thirty2give LLC and their new smartphone app Thirty2give “where anyone with a smartphone can be a mentor and anyone with a mentor can find a mentor” Check them out at thirty2give.com. Spread the word, A Story to Tell is coming soon.

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