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David L. Cain

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Everyone has a story and no one can tell your story better than you. That is the self motivation that has kept me writing down my thoughts for years in a library of journals. Please look through my updated Author Portfolio to discover more about my work.

The Making of an Eagle


If you had one weekend to teach fatherless boys life survival skills, which ones would you choose? How would you do it? Where would you do it? That is the basis of this true account of the work of five professional African American men living in Detroit in the 1990's. They were fed up with the image they were seeing in the media of African America men. "We're not all drug users, thugs, rapists, unskilled, and so many other negative stereotypes portrayed in the media. Most of us are doing some pretty amazing things," I said once during a media interview. We started the Minority Enhancement Network ( MEN ) for the express purpose of pushing back on the negative stereotypes and to focus our efforts on young African American males. The Making of an Eagle is a two day workshop targeted to expose young African American male youths to five critical life survival skills: spirituality, the truth about sex and drugs, transition from boys to men, and the importance of an education. The book tells the story of why we created the workshops and walks the reader through an actual session.

The Seven Laws of Achievement


Many books have been written about goals, achievement, and success. The library and internet are filled with thousands of self-help books on these topics, and their authors are all quite skilled at sharing their own methodologies. The Seven Laws of Achievement is a combination of life-acquired knowledge and firsthand experience. Backed by research, the laws are the result of things that went as planned, but they also reflect things that did not go as planned. In this book, I share  enlightening proofs that demonstrate the laws of 1) Attitude, 2) Ability, 3) Aim, 4) Active Practice, 5) Adaptability, 6) Association, and 7) Accomplishment. This book is written for anyone seeking a disciplined approach to achieve success in their career, education, or any other life pursuit.

Remembering the 12 Stones


While witnessing the impact of the COVID pandemic on his high school senior daughter, the African American author reflected on his 30-year career journey through seven U.S. industries, 12 relocations, and many levels of leadership that exposed understandings the spiritual lessons that each location was meant to deliver. From the perspective of his Christian faith, the author shares the journey that includes face to face encounters with many that left imprints on history including a US president, CEO’s, a renowned celebrity litigator, a civil rights icon, a major civil right incident, and many more. The journey began with the end of the 1954 Supreme Court decision that led to desegregation and progressed from the US to more than 30 countries across the globe. The first-hand account of the journey is a fascinating insight of the world of the African American struggle and determination to thrive while chasing the American dream.

Fictional Books

I started writing 20 years ago in journals after a mentor once told me that "no one can tell your story better than you." That advice led me to "tell my stories." Read through the summaries here to get a feel of the story. All can be acquired on . Please feel free to get in touch to learn more about me and to discuss any projects you may want to send my way.

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Know Ye Not This Parable?

Part 1 
Cassandra is a thirty year old African American professional engineer from Detroit, Michigan. Having overcome numerous life obstacles (poverty, drugs, sickness, etc.) early in her life, Cassandra finally achieved success. Jazzrah began his life as a created angel in heaven. With his angelic brother Seth always at his side, Jazzrah enjoyed singing daily with the other angels. He sang praises every day until he encountered Bial, whose job was to spread Gods glory each morning by spreading his wings toward the rising sun. Sin set in when Bial became puffed up and started to believe that the glory came from him and not God. He successfully convinced a third of all of the angels, including Jazzrah, to abandon their assignments and follow him. For their sin against the Father, Bial and the other disobedient angels were expelled from their heavenly environment.

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Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruit

Part 2

As the second installment of the Jazzrah Chronicles, Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruit, Jazzrah discovers that his life was spared after risking it to save Cassandra Lewis the last soul that he was sent to collect for the demonic Bial. Despite the sentence charged against him for his former alliance with evil, Jazzrah commits to change his life by attempting to undo the evil deeds of his past by completing only faith based good deeds.

In the small town of Anniston, Alabama three teenage boys commit to escape the chains of poverty and live out their dreams. Jerome believes that his athletic skills on the basketball court represent the best ticket for him to release the strong grip of poverty. Ray spends most of his time and energy trying to convince everyone that his pugilistic skills are capable of lifting him up. EJ, teased often for being a church boy, sets out a path that is paved by hard work in the classroom. Each is convinced that they have selected the right path and have accepted a dare to meet at a designated spot at a designated time in the future to compare results. Unaware of the supernatural influences that surround each of them, they discover many years later a valuable lesson about their values.

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Dust Has No Color

Part 3

In the final installment, Jazzrah encounters two racists men living in xxxx, one is Black and the other White. Both men blame the opposite race for all of the ills facing society and have no faith that things will ever get better. What would happen if they were to mysteriously change on the outside only in color but remain the same on the inside? Would their lives improve or get worse? Would their views of the other race change? What would happen if Jazzrah appeared in the middle of their change? That is the storyline of Part 3 of the Jazzrah Chronicles. The hidden message is whenever  Black or White people believe that one race is better than the other, it's best to remember the Bible's guidance on this matter...we are all born of dust and when we die we will return to dust and dust has no color.  

Projects in Development

The Essence of Leadership - A Parable

Broken up into a fabled story, The Essence of Leadership follows a young engineer seeking to shift his career from that of an individual contributor to a people leader. With no one to guide and shape his budding leadership skills, he befriends a homeless man with ageless leadership wisdom. The mysterious old man exchanges his knowledge of leadership for food and the two form a mentoring relationship full of teachable moments that explain the essence of leadership.

The Journal

What if you found a journal that only you could see the words written therein and all the pages were blank to anyone else? What would you do with it? What if each page gave you explicit instructions to do something that would prevent something catastrophic from occurring to the human race? How far would you follow its instructions? That is the backdrop of the fictional story The Journal.

The Spiritual Reflections of a Black Man

This was the very first book I wrote 20 years ago while living in South Carolina. It's a collection of thoughts while looking at the world through the filtered lens I wore at the time. The updated book shows that the lens or the world hasn't changed much.

The Making of an Eagle Workshop

A Rite of Passage for Boys - Sample

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The Making of an Eagle Workshop

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Feedback from workshop participants

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The Making of an Eagle Workshop

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The Making of an Eagle Workshop

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The Making of an Eagle Workshop

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The Making of an Eagle Workshop

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"





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